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Theme Pictures-Revelation Seminar  

Textbook-free School

Hubble Deep Field.txt Hubble Deep Field, Infrared View.txt

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Biblical Basis for a Modern Prophet.txt

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 Galaxy NGC 4414.txt 

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Pictures Slide Show 

Jamaica- Believers Unite To March Against Violence 

Power Point Presentation - Judgment Picture 

Scenes of Jesus' Death and Resurrection  

That Great Big Valley and other Sermon Outlines and Ideas  

Songs for Crusade   

Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists - Strategic Plan 

Crusade Theme Song

Ten Things a Woman Should Know About a Man & Ten Things a Man Should Know About a Woman

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Theme- “The Blessed Hope”

Poem or Song Jesus Saves.doc

That Great Big Valley

The Problem of Joblessness Among Youths In The Seventh-day Adventist Church