Go and make Disciples of all men. Jesus is coming soon! All the world must know!  

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Jesus is coming soon! Men and women everywhere need to know about that! We need to tell the world! But, we need to train the Church of God for effective witness and effective discipling. May God shower down blessings on us as we seek to serve others and witness more effectively.

Topics: (Click on Titles or Slides)

Bringing People to a Decision

Building Your Church Through Small Groups

Spiritual Gifts

Developing Members Into Disciples

Door to Door Visitation

Every Member Evangelism

Friendship Evangelism

How to Give Bible Studies

How to Organize Outreach in Local Church

How to Prepare a Sermon

Handling Apostasy

Nurturing New Members

Rekindling the Fires of Evangelism

Why Small Group?

Winning and Nurturing New Members

Challenges to Mission

Sermon Preparation - 2

Reaching Special People


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