1. Can I Find God's True Church? 4. What About Jewelry?  7. Who are the 144,000??      (one view)
2. Is Homosexuality Sinful? 5. Is Heaven A Real Place?   8. The Secret Rapture?
3. What Do I Eat?   6. What about alcohol? 9. What About Tongues?

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Our Perplexing Questions:


Why are there so many churches? Is there a "one true church?" If there is one true church, where is it? Can I know for sure? Can I really find it?

God has answers! FIND GOD'S TRUE CHURCH!


Is homosexuality sinful? Is homosexuality the unpardonable sin? Can the homosexul be saved?



What do I eat? I am so confused with so many different voices telling me what to eat. Can't I just eat anything I want to eat?

Get An Answer On What To Eat Now!


Can I wear jewelry? Isn't it just a matter of what I choose to wear? A matter of what makes me happy? God doesn't care about what we put on on the outside, does he?

Get An Answer on Jewelry Now!


I really want to know! Is Heaven a REAL place? Or, will people just be floating around on the clouds / in some immaterial place, somewhere out there in space?

Get The Answer On Heaven Now!


Is it okay to drink alcohol? What if I just drink a little and not get drunk, etc.? What if I only drink once in a while? What if I just drink on social occasions?

Get the Answer on Alcohol!


I am confused about the 144,000... I need an answer...Who are the 144,000?

Get an Answer on the 144,000 Now! (One opinion)


Will I be secretly raptured away before the tribulation? Is the rapture really a secret event where people will just disappear? Will Jesus sneak away His people? What is the rapture?

Get Answers About the Rapture Now!


Is speaking in tongues a sign that I have the Holy Spirit? If I never speak in tongues can I be saved? Are those who speak in tongues holier / at a higher level of Christian experience than those who do not?

Get Answers About Tongues Now!


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September 2006