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Church Outreach Ideas: Help For Departmental Leaders / Directors

Plans, Ideas and Suggestions for 2003 and Beyond             Gideon's Army Battle Project (Church Planting)

(Developed for / Presented originally to the Spring Village Seventh-day Adventist Church, Central Jamaica Conference, West Indies Union)

Adventist Youth Department Communications Department
Church Administration Church Clerk
Stewardship Department Education Department
Pathfinders Club Family Life Department
Music Department Deacon / Deaconesses
Interest Coordinator Church Messenger
Children's Department / Ministry Sabbath School
Community Services Women's Ministry
Health Department Church School Board
Religious Liberty Personal Ministries Department

Motto, Vision and Mission Statements

Ideas, Plans, Suggestions and Challenges, by Departmental Focus:

 Plans for Church Leadership and Administration:

(1) Regular Business Meetings – at least one per quarter – written reports to be prepared, read and then submitted by heads of Departments and others,

(2) Set dates for Communion Services from early in the year (usually just 4 for the year),

(3) Departments to submit reports to the Conference Office – as required. **

(4) Regular (monthly) meeting of Board of Elders (before Board meeting):

Agenda Items to include:

¨      Evangelism

¨      Visitation reports,

¨      Matters for the Board (Departmental agendas assigned, etc.),

¨      Problems; church discipline of members

¨      Church Maintenance,

¨      Planning & Monitoring of Programs and church services

(Duty roster for church services, overall church activities, etc.)              

¨      Conference Calendar Items / Programs,

¨      Communion Service / Plans for Shut-ins, etc.

¨      Bible Class & monthly assignments (Elder i/c for month – also responsible for funerals, etc. [for ordained elders]. Others not i/c attend and or assist as necessary)                   

(5) Bible Class:             (a) Complete Panorama of Prophecy Series

                                        (b) Fundamental Beliefs

                                        (c) Church Heritage

Training and Inspiration for Departmental Heads, Assistants, et al (Pastor, Elder)

<       Retreat to be held at Camp Verley (December 27 – 29, 2002). It is a good idea to have a retreat for your Church or District from time to time where some motivation and training can be done.

<       Ongoing training (for preaching, Bible studies, witnessing strategies (prayer walk, surveys, Bible courses, Bible Study Club [membership – one Bible study per month]), etc.

 «     Departmental Assignment of Elders (Assign According to Experience & Ability):

Name:                                     Other Elected Office(s):                      Departmental                                                                                                                   Assignment:

Elder 1                                    Religious Liberty Director                Adventist Youth,                                                                                                               Children’s Department                           

Elder 2                                    Interest Coordinator                         Pathfinder, Music

Elder 3                                    Women’s Ministry (asst.)                 Health, Community                                                                                                                   Services

Elder 4                                    Personal Ministries Director             Sabbath School, Family                                                                                                                   Life

Elder 5                                    Stewardship Director                      Deacons/Deaconesses 

                                                Wills & Trust Coordinator                 Treasury Department

Elder 6                                    Education Director                            Communications /                                                                                                                  Messenger/ Church Clerk

 Children’s Ministry / Children’s Department:

Story Time / Feeding the Lambs – Select a team of “storytellers” or “aunties” and “uncles” to be named for approval of the Board.  Aim: Teach principles of love, obedience, honesty, how to pray, etc. – use of props and illustrations, lively presentation to hold interest, etc. – more than one person can present at a time (or assist) – not necessarily a story – can teach a new song, a scripture passage or quotation, etc. – allow children to participate other than just praying – appoint participants beforehand, let them give a short story or share some experience they had – some witness of Jesus that they did, etc.

 Apply similar principle of children participation at Sabbath School – utilize the assignments, activities and exercises given in the quarterlies OR give assignments for the week to be reported on during Sabbath School time (witnessing activities, making someone happy, helping someone, etc.) – ask children to act out or tell stories in the lessons (tell beforehand if necessary).   

 Do an evangelistic outreach program spearheaded by the Children’s Department 


Deacons and Deaconesses:

Regular meeting of a Deacon/ess Board – to make plans for the church, for example:

(a)    organize regular work days – church maintenance and cleaning, eg. areas for urgent attention: *bathrooms, *kitchen, vestry, S.S. & A.Y. room, cupboards, rostrum, *church building, church yard, (work in conjunction with the School Board on some of these)

(b)   organize fundraising event/s or ventures for the church or to assist you to finance your own activities,

(c)    plan for a retreat for Deacons/esses,

(d)   plan for a Deacon/ess Day – preaching and all!

(e)    ask to do a Saturday night social or plan some other social event,

(f)     participate fully in the churches’ overall program of visitation and one to one evangelism,

(g)    ask to do a Bible Class(es), etc.

(h)    be prepared / plan to do church services – Sunday and Wednesday night meetings, Vespers, etc.

(i)      pray for the church.


 Church Messenger:

(a)    Assist with ensuring that the reports from the Departments reach the Conference Office,

(b)   Liaise with the Pastor (inform of births, deaths, requests for blessing of babies, etc.),

(c)    Assist in informing persons re Church Duty Roster,

(d)   Liaise with the Church Clerk re Reports to Conference Office, etc.

(e)    Relate to the Pastor re correspondence to be delivered to and from Conference Office


Stewardship / Treasury Team:

(a)    Keep financial records up to date and ready for reporting at Board meetings or, as necessary,

(b)   Foster and encourage a strong investment program amongst members – give ideas on investment,

(c)    Push the Triple C program – encourage regular/monthly saving,

(d)   Auditor(s) to audit church accounts and submit a written report to the Board – at least once per quarter,

(e)    Distribute tithe receipts on a timely basis / expeditiously (head deacon to check number of tithe envelopes received as soon as possible after collection of offering),

(f)     Meet at least once per quarter to make plans, review work already done and make recommendation(s) to the Board,

(g)    Finance Committee: Finish outstanding assignments and honour all pledges made – before moving on to any other activity/ies. Report to Church Board, liaise with Board of Elders and Deacon Board.

(h)    Plan for Stewardship Day (CC item)


Church School Board:

Pursue and settle all outstanding issues. Lay plans for improvements to the building, etc. Plan fund-raisers, etc.


Sabbath School Department:

q       Establish a Visitors’ Class (conducted, preferably, by an elder)

q       Establish a New Converts’ Class (conducted, preferably, by an elder)

q       Finish Sabbath School latest 10:45 a.m. each Sabbath

q       Establish at least four Branch Sabbath Schools for the year

q       Ensure that S.S. programs are oriented to soul-keeping and / or soul-winning

q       Work closely with the Interest Coordinator to follow up interests of S.S. visitors


Education Department:

ü      Continue / Expand / Improve Reading Club (more articles, replace dirty or torn ones, etc.), prepare different media for storage / presentation – eg. Diskettes

ü      Obtain Pocketbooks (from Amazingfacts)

ü      Counseling and Coaching students

ü      Assist with special assignments and projects

ü      Provide resources eg. learning / interactive CD’s, encyclopaedias, books, etc.

ü      Assist with schooling / help in cases of emergency or special need (including students that attend church but are not members of the church - liaise with Church Board)

ü      Keep an up-to-date list of students by school and grade level (presents/ congratulations / successes, etc.)

ü      Assist / support all activities in church that seek to educate the members

ü      Plan a Career / Education Day OR Week (CC item).

ü      Start an adult literacy class

ü      Have an active Education Committee going



Health Department:

X       Vegan / vegetarian cooking lessons / demonstrations – emphasis on utilizing local products (or products that are readily available)

X       Demonstrate use of seasonal fruits, etc. as a part of the diet,

X       Demonstrate how to preserve foods for use out of season,

X       Give tangible assistance with health needs (filling prescriptions, getting persons on the government assistance program(s) available eg. the JADEP program, etc. – work with the Community Services Dept., arrange for regular blood sugar, blood pressure and other tests for both church & community),

X       Start an exercise class / give tips on exercise (can use exercise videos, etc.) 

X       Conduct a Stop Smoking Seminar (main target – non-members; have materials and resource persons on hand – arrange follow up with individuals – maybe even baptisms might result!)

X       Conduct Seminar on the NEW START program – follow up with materials, films, etc.

X       Do regular sale of food and drink prepared by the department (introduce with a “taste & buy”)

X       Have at least one health fair for the year (sell and/or give samples of vegan foods, distribute literature, etc., etc.)


Family Life Department:

·        Do at least one “Agape Feast” for the year (for couples – work with Health Dept.)

·        Work with Health and Community Services Departments and assist with programs that will directly impact the family – eg. the NEW START program, cooking lessons, etc.

·        Plan for Family Life Day (CC item)

·        Plan a Family “Retreat” – give special assignments to each family (eg. in charge of devotional, music, etc. for the trip and the camp/on site) – sharing time: learning from each other / sharing experiences / stories of overcoming problems, etc. – entire families to attend as far as possible,

·        Plan a Family Social – families in charge of performance of items as well as items for sale, etc. – “charge” for a concert segment (when families present items – special dressing / costumes could enhance the evening),

·        Do marriage seminars and/or engage a Marriage Counselor for a Q & A program (repeat as necessary)

 Just an idea: Start a Family Life Special Days Recognition Gallery at your church.

Community Services Department:

©      Establish a “soup kitchen” to feed shut-ins (also, if possible, street persons, destitute in the church & community) on a regular basis, i.e. not only on Sabbaths

©      Reintroduce idea of constant giving and every member of the church being a member of the Community Services (Welfare) Department – reintroduce the “welfare barrel” and / or box (could have one for food / one for other items, including clothes / also encourage cash donations directly to the Department),

©      Designate special days for giving – Welfare “gift days”

©      Organize a BIG Community Services Day (CC item)

©      Identify and target areas / items of need and advise the church so the giving can be appropriate and specific to existing needs … so needs can be met

©      Ask for ten minutes slots in Sabbath School to give reports (praise reports / special happenings / positive outcomes / on project[s] being pursued) and to encourage the brethren to continue their support of the work

©      Utilize the church Motto and Mission Statement to galvanize the members / gain support,

©      Start skills training classes (floral arrangement, dressmaking, cookery, etc. – work with other Depts.).



Women’s Ministry Department:

«     Start a “Grief Ministry” program (be present at funeral services: sing, etc., do follow-up work, eg. give tangible assistance - in genuine / needy cases - “every likkle mek a muckle”, give comfort, visit family, relatives and friends of deceased, give appropriate literature addressing grief, death, the new earth, etc., give Bible studies or Bible talks and words of encouragement - as necessary / as opportunity arise OR, as requested.

«     Do baby showers for needy mothers in and outside of the church

«     Visit with sick women in the church and the community to bring comfort and cheer (at home, in hospital)

«     Start a prayer ministry – prayer walking, visit & pray with all sick, destitute and those affected by disasters (fires, floods, etc.), have regular fasting and/or prayer sessions / designate special day & time for prayer,

«     Minister to young women in (& outside of) the church on matters of good manners, etiquette, family planning and acceptable social behavior (include the boys too!) – plan programs to address these areas (put on seminar(s), demonstrations, films, etc. – work with the Health Dept.)


Adventist Youth Department:

v     Start the Discover Bible Guides Bible lessons program as the main evangelistic activity (get names of persons willing to do courses – different categories [junior, teen, adult] – in order to receive lessons that are available; plan for a real “big” graduation). Adventist Youths should also do the courses themselves. 

v     Run at least one “Youth Crusade” for the year (could use Week of Prayer or other church programs or services – invite persons with whom you are studying to attend, etc.- baptisms could result!)

v     Plan for some “field trips” – there are four fifth Sabbaths in the year – OR - plan to do something extra special on those days (that could even be the Discover Bible Guides graduation coupled with a baptism! – nature walks / nature study program, etc.)

v     Conduct at least one Wayside Meeting per quarter (work with the Personal Ministries Dept.) – plan for more than one location each time (split by Family Units or other),

v     Friendship Evangelism Program (each youth finding a friend to show love, care and concern with the ultimate aim of winning their heart to Christ! That one in turn finds a friend … it could result in a massive explosion of souls!),

v     Elders’ Forum – at least twice for the year; elders placed on the “firing line” for questions from youths and for sharing information and inspiration  (could even invite members from other churches as part of the panel). Devise a way to get questions coming in on a regular basis (question box, through Units, etc.).

v     Do a “Scripture Challenge” (by using selected Unit reps., by pairs from within age groups, etc – have a “championship round” after one or more “preliminary rounds”) as part of the program to encourage more Bible study among members.  This can be done as a segment of A.Y. (5-10 minutes for each pair, one pair per evening – assign a coordinator/record keeper. Challengers must state text then repeat same while “judges” check & record the scripture, etc.)

v     Like the Scripture Challenge the Defend your Faith (there are variations!) can be used to good effect / for the same purpose (focus on 27 fundamental beliefs). This means that persons are literally quizzed / “attacked” and they have to defend what they believe by using the scriptures.


Pathfinder Club:

©      Educational Field Trips (Institute of Jamaica, Kingston / Montego Bay Marine Parks, Kingston Harbour Tour, Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park tour, etc.)

©      Start a Star Study Program

©      Start a merit system – each unit vying to complete a number of honors for the year (designate actual targets – give appropriate rewards or benefits & honour badges by stages [eg. quarterly], etc. – make the incentives appropriate to the honour, eg. baking tin, hiking shoes, etc.)  - there are many honours that are not now being pursued! (see Pathfinder page).  To climax – have a special program at the end of the year / period (skills gained through honours completed could be demonstrated; have a prize-giving, etc. OR offer products for sale to get funds to help in running the Club, etc.)

©      Plan an anti-drug march – make a real big splash! (or make it an anti-immorality march / march against evil – illicit sex [STD’s. AIDS, etc.], hard drugs [ganja, crack, cocaine] and cigarette, other drugs [caffiene, tanine, barbiturates, etc,], guns, corruption, etc.) – could invite other clubs to join (each club could be responsible for one segment / targeted area Or give each unit OR a number of units within the club one segment), invite the media – Do more than one for the year if possible (each with a different emphasis)  - Work with the Health, Family Life, Personal Ministries and Education Departments to bring it off!)  - This could be the big highlight on the Pathfinder Calendar for each year!

©      Obtain tins and make it a project to collect as much Ingathering as possible as a club so that the overflow will be very significant – funds could be requested to be used in further improvement of the Youth Hall or other project to benefit mainly young people.

©      Start a tree / flowers / hedge – planting project to improve the look of the churchyard. This may be used for receiving of a honour – different units could do segments of the yard. Emphasis on a job well done – it must look really good and be kept up (work with the Deacons, etc.)


Communications Department:

:     Monitor / be in charge of the notice boards – (notices must be current, clean, appropriate, etc. – work along with the Church Clerk to achieve this),

:     Assist with informing members on matters relating to church / duty roster assignments, etc.

:     Put up at least one church directional sign – on the main road; make it real official, outstanding & noticeable! (could include: name of church, arrow, direction [eg. “next right”] & distance to); Work with the Religious Liberty Director, Education Department and Deacons.

:     Computer with Internet connection – Work with Religious Liberty, Education / other Depts. (OR put forward as a church project – all Departments would benefit if such a project comes to fruition!)

:     Have church activity/ies featured in the appropriate CJC publications on a timely basis

:     Start an official church photo album (pictorial record of special events, services, trips, etc.) – pictures can also be scanned and stored electronically – or even start a video library (additional)

:     Programs from Satellite/Dish – for church services / programs / to enhance work of all Depts. (OR refer to Board as a church project - all Depts. would benefit)

:     Do printed programs for the church – on a regular basis (week, fortnight, month – start somewhere / outside of the special programs); The program itself is a witnessing tool – with focus on special themes (eg. Sabbath, Second Coming of Christ, State of the Dead – use of scripture texts and quotations from SoP writings, etc. – including a segment (or insert) that asks for an indication of interests of visitors (eg. list incl. – Bible study, visitation, etc.). A “dear visitor” segment could also be included - work with Interest Coordinator / Personal Ministries / Education dept.  *A different Dept. could also be featured on each program (eg. tell something about the work of the Dept. – maybe in the form of a “Did you know?” OR ask that Dept. to contribute an appropriate thought, etc.); work with the Religious Liberty Dept.


Religious Liberty:

&   Have the Departmental rep. From the Conference come and give at least one presentation on Religious Liberty / the work & importance of the Department in the church, etc.; RL Day (CC)

&   Regular news from ACN, AWR, 3ABN, AWN – through WWW, CJC, EJC, WJC, WIU, etc.

&   Making the church aware of major issues and events - in the secular news – that affects (or eventually will affect) religious liberty (specifically Christian liberty and especially SDA liberty)

&   Work with persons having difficulty with Sabbath off at the workplace – or students pressured to do exams, projects, field trips, etc. on Sabbaths (SDA students beaten by teacher every Monday morning for not attending Saturday classes – they were afraid and didn’t want to go to school and even fell “sick” every Monday morning – intervention was made by an aunt, etc. – right here in Jamaica!); liaise with the pastor, CJC Office, WIU, etc.

&   Share powerful stories of victory / triumph in Religious Liberty matters (from regular news item sources, books, videos, etc.)  - use announcement slots, ten minutes / Personal Ministries slot, etc. to disseminate information (short tapes, films, etc. can be used). 


Church Clerk:

D       Post written version of weekly and other special announcements – eg. from Conference – on (or in) the notice board (insist on receiving announcements before the designated time on Sabbaths)

D       Be in charge of the church temperature chart – related to general church activities

D       Be the Liaison between pastor, church, community

D       Prepare a comprehensive list of “delinquent” members (crucial for visitation programs)

D       Prepare a comprehensive list of new converts (baptized within a year / 18 months) (for S.S.)

D       Keep all church records readily available and up-to-date (by Department)

D       Ensure the safety of all church records (request a strong box - ?)

D       Give a special thought or quotation to close announcements sometimes / in addition to the usual

D       “Filter”/ monitor the announcements (save details for evening announcements, as necessary)

D       Assist with the maintenance / monitoring of the notice board(s) [keep notices current, neat, etc.]

D       Prepare comprehensive minutes for each regular Church Board meeting – have a separate copy ready to give to the pastor / chairperson (the first elder could also be given a copy).


Music Department / Church Choir (all choirs):    “Music is as much a part of worship as is prayer”- SoP

Þ    Start a serious choir membership recruitment drive

Þ    Establish a permanent / standing youth choir

Þ    Work with all choirs / singing groups / soloists closely so that all can contribute to worship services on a timely basis – the church choir should prepare at least one song for Sunday night evangelistic meeting (the choir that sings on Sabbath also sings at Sunday night meeting)

Þ    Prepare two appropriate songs for each Divine Service (work with persons scheduled to speak on Duty Roster – ask for their theme and / or topic / opening & closing songs)

Þ    Have one or more persons lead songs for song services and, generally, as the need arises / establish a praise team

Þ    Obtain musical instrument / hymnal on CD / other recorded music to assist in improving the worship service (especially At Divine Service) / obtain service of church pianist or keyboard player (OR present this as a church project … for consideration by the Church Board)

Þ    Always be in a state of preparedness (in deportment and dress, etc.) to minister in singing

Þ    Write / arrange and perform at least one original song for the year!


 Interest Coordinator:

:     Prepare and conduct a survey in order to garner information on areas of spiritual / religious interest of persons in the community – a list of names and addresses should be generated (can be used for follow-up for visits / Bible studies, etc.)

:     Follow-up all contacts of missionary outreach in the community (through various departments of the church – A.Y., S.S., etc.)

:     Inform pastor / elders when interest is sufficiently developed for Bible study, baptism, etc.

:     Work closely with Personal Ministries Director

:     Prepare regular reports for the Church Board & Board of Elders


Personal Ministries Department:

«     One to one (two-by-two) evangelism: continue and strengthen this program through the provision of training and the encouraging of various evangelistic programs through the various Departments (entire church).

«     Work through the departments assigned (especially Sabbath School) to promote evangelism.

«     Utilize Sunday Night Worship Service time as evangelistic outreach campaign – eg, The Revelation Seminars or other such program.

«     Promote / establish Small Group Evangelism

«     Promote / utilize / establish a Reading Club – stock with articles, books pocketbooks and encourage members to borrow, read and lend these books as a witnessing strategy

«      Obtain two (2) permanent Bible Workers to work in the community (this should preclude the need for any large evangelistic campaigns as the work would be ongoing / souls are reached each day); this does not mean that members would not continue their Bible work in the area through the Sabbath School and A.Y Units, etc.

«     Once all the Departments are galvanized for evangelism it will be crucial for the Personal Ministries Department to support and help to coordinate all activities,

«     The Department must also plan and execute a very strong nurturing program eg. assign new converts to Sabbath School Units for nurture / to special individuals; have regular Bible classes, visits, etc.



The entire church must be organized for ministry & ministering – soul-winning and soul-keeping. There is so much to work with! Evangelistic work will be done through all the Departments!  This Department should give general support to all outreach programs of all Departments.





Let us work and love like we really believe this. Praise the Lord!


Motto, Vision and Mission Statements:

Motto:  “We are Kingdom bound! I am my brothers’ keeper and I am a missionary.”

(media - bookmarkers)

Mission Statement:  “To ensure that every member is encouraged to become concerned for the other and that each member, in each family pursue a committed relationship with the Lord such that he/she will want to share the good news of salvation with all others.”

(media – wooden frame … for Church & Youth Halls).


Vision Statement:  “To see every individual, every family, every relative and friend saved in the Kingdom of God.” 

(media – wooden frame … for Church & Youth Halls).


Rationale for Motto, Mission Statement & Vision Statement:

­     as a constant point of reference (repetition deepens impression),

­     as a constant reminder (of the statements themselves),

­     as a tool of motivation /encouragement,

­     as an instrument of anchor or a strengthening of faith,

­     as an instrument of unity (we are all working together / at the same task),

­     to keep us focused on the task at hand (& on what we intend to achieve),

­     as tools that can be used to galvanize the membership to participate in specific tasks (eg. to work in a particular Dept.)


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