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 Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Wordof Truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

Study Topics:

Book of Revelation:

        1. The Star of the Drama of Revelation         

     2.TheVillain of the Drama of Revelation      

3.Good News for All People  

4. Seven Special Messages from Jesus 5. Revelation's Glorious Rapture 6. Revelation's Seal of God 

7. Sunday Observance & the Book of Revelation. 8. God's Merciful Judgment. 9. The Mark of the Beast  

10. The Land of Beginning Again  

11. Mystic Babylon the Harlot

 12. The Seven Plagues of  Revelation

13. Victory Through Christ 

14. God's True Church Revealed!


The study topics are placed so as to be in the shape of the old rugged cross - because the book of Revelation is ALL ABOUT JESUS! It is the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST! Jesus came to this earth and He lived and died for us. Both are extremely important for our salvation! In order to die for us He had to first live - and He lived a PERFECT LIFE OF Example for us! When we accept Him as our SAVIOUR and LORD His life is counted for our life - His perfect record becomes ours. Because of Him we are seen as perfect in God's sight. His death on the cross paid the penalty of ETERNAL DEATH for our sins. Because of Jesus' death WE CAN LIVE! PAISE THE LORD!! All we need to do is to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord - He will then empower us to live the victorious life, free from sin - as we surrender to Him and allow Him direct our lives - ON A DAILY BASIS. Hallelujah! Will you accept Jesus as your Saviour and Lord TODAY if you have not already done so? He loves you and wants to save you - do you want to be saved? Then accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord - give Him control of your life. Just ask Jesus to come in to your life. It is easy. Right now, just say "Lord Jesus, please come into my heart now. I give up the control of my life to you. I accept you as my Saviour and Lord and I trust you to help me to live a sinless life. Help me to give control of my life to you every day from now on". May God richly bless you and grant you salvation! PRAISE THE LORD!!